Thursday December 6th

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Thursday December 6th

Post by Jan Mosier » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:51 pm

Hey everyone, what's up?

I got all the leaves raked up in the front yard yesterday but still need to rake the leaves in the back. I'm waiting for the last of the leaves to fall off the trees. After Kyle gets off work we plan to run into town to pay property taxes and pick up some dog food from Tractor Supply. Still need to pull out the table from the car and set up my sewing machine. Not much else on the agenda today.

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Re: Thursday December 6th

Post by Tamara » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:32 am

I had a pretty busy day! It was a massage morning and then off to classes at our LSS store. We did tiny tags and tiny cards. Regular cards. Everything is 100% going to a medical fundraiser for a family who's dad was hit by a car on his motorcycle. He only had a 4% chance he would live and he is doing great. It happened in front of the LSS store so they are helping collect gift cards and cash to give the family for Christmas.
I was so hungry when I came home I just wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse or Wallabys so DH picked texas roadhouse. I guess I was craving steak. and those rolls! :?
Tomorrow we have two more classes. I still need to get my challenge scrapped for Saturday. Does it count if it is in my head? I have a monthly crop tomorrow night. I haven't been in six months because she didn't have them all summer and the last two months I had a conflict. She is cooking turkey and the trimmings with a trader Jos dessert spread.
Happy Thursday!

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