RQOTD 10.13.18

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RQOTD 10.13.18

Post by Tamara » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:02 pm

Do you have nice neighbors?

Our neighbors are a young couple who haved lived by us for six years. They are the cutest Japanese newleyweds. He is just finishing college and she is a CNA home care person. Suddenly they were moved out and the house was empty and put up for sale. I couldn't believe we had just spoke to them a couple weeks before when they were planting some new bushes in their yard. We are the kind of neighbors that leave each other alone. The occasional wave when passing. We always took them a Christmas neighbor gift. They would bring our garbage cans in sometimes and we would take theirs in. It was a unsaid protocol that we just automatically did for each other. Apparently the house sold and they showed up on my doorstep with a wooden treasure chest from Hobby Lobby fully of chocolates and cookies and a note. They were coming to say goodbye and thank us for being such great neighbors. WOW! I was amazed because I didn't really think we had done that much for them. Their gift was the sweetest. Come to find out they aren't moving far just building a new house a few miles South. Long story short I guess I better be a better neighbor. IT was so much easier when raising kids, now we feel like we have to do our own thing and not bother people. But is it really a bother to show kindness? Stepping up my game now :D

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Re: RQOTD 10.13.18

Post by sdwhru » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:29 am

I guess; I don't really know mine all the well. Wave at them, yes, but we all live on 2 acres or more so there is some distances between the houses.

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Re: RQOTD 10.13.18

Post by tammyfolk » Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:28 pm

I don't really know mine at all. We say hello to one another when we're outside, but I honestly couldn't tell you their names. I will say that now that Garrett likes the girl next store, I am talking to the mom more and more, and I DO KNOW her name. LOL. She came over last night and took a few pictures of Garrett and leah together. I hope her pictures come out better than mine.
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