Thursday it is!! 9.13.18

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Thursday it is!! 9.13.18

Post by Tamara » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:01 pm

Anything exciting this fine Thursday?

I am headed out to the My minds eye warehouse sale. Hoping not to do too much damage. Maybe I will pick up a prize for the Bingo winner this month! I have a massage later in the morning so I can't stay all morning. haha Then I am home this afternoon and planning on starting my cards for this months scrap retreat. The weather is so nice I'm not looking forward to colder weather but it will happen. I wish it could just stay in the 70's year round. Where do we have to live for that? haha
Nothing on the calendar for tonight so life is chill.
Happy Thursday!!

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Re: Thursday it is!! 9.13.18

Post by BarbP » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:30 pm

We're in for another warmer than average (for this time of year) day today. I've been cooped up for the past few days inside the house, but I need to get out for a while. That sounds like a good excuse for a run to Hobby Lobby ... Waiting on an order of ATG tape to arrive from ScrapbookPal; it should arrive today.

Today is granddaughter Charleigh's 2nd birthday. Time goes fast when you have kids, but even faster when you have grands! Charleigh (or "Chuck" as her brothers call her) is a real character.

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Re: Thursday it is!! 9.13.18

Post by tammyfolk » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:38 am

Extremely busy day here today....internet was being wonky this morning and I didn't have time to fight with it....

G gets his first "official" therapy session tomorrow (other than the mental health liason and guidance counselor at the school). He had an okay day today....he's supposed to gauge his day from 1-10 and I got a text from his friend at school today telling me that G wasn't doing so great. SO I called him - he said he was a 4 when I talked to him....4 is a good number. By the afternoon he was ok. I even let him drive to band practice by himself. Hopefully it really is his medication causing this, and we'll be off of it shortly!

Lots of errands after work, plus it was my late night. I just got through filling out more paperwork for the school, paying for his class ring (final payment) and putting money on his school lunch account. It may not seem like much but when your internet is being cray cray, it takes time.....

Not much else to do tonight, but get ready for tomorrow....
Tammy Folk there really anything else?

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Re: Thursday it is!! 9.13.18

Post by Lolis » Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:01 am


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