Thursday - 9/12/19

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Thursday - 9/12/19

Post by tammyfolk »

Good Morning ladies -

another day, another dollar. . .off to work in about 10 minutes, as soon as G comes downstairs. He is still without a car, so he'll be taking me again today. Ignition switch doesn't seem to be the issue with his car after all, it has something to do with the key. The mechanic was working with the car dealership yesterday to try and figure out the issue. They did promise that the car would be ready by tomorrow though.

No plans for me after work today!! I did manage to spend about a hour or so in my scrap room last night organizing and cleaning. I even found the picture I want to print of Everly for the layout I'm doing. It's up on my screen re-sized, just need to print it. Also pulled out some spray mist, but I think it's going to be a bit too light - Heidi Swapp Color Shine Pink. I need something a bit darker. Anyone know where you can buy spray mists anymore?? I just have basic colors. . .
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Thursday 9/12

Post by Jan Mosier »

Good morning ladies! What's on your plate today?

It's quiet here at the's only temporary though. Boarders arriving tomorrow. Only for the weekend this time unless something changes. I have a load of dog laundry (pee pads) going at the moment and need to make a trip to Bethune sometime today for dog food. May mow the pecan orchard since I skipped it yesterday, got too hot and needed a break.
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Re: Thursday - 9/12/19

Post by Tamara »

Tammy Beth mentioned that you can just use a re inker and make your own spray mist. Guess I should try that today since I have time.

I can't believe I have a I don't have to do anything day. I'm sure I will try to clean up the scrap room and wash room. Just a few odds and ends but no sewing. Gives me more time to do anything I want. Maybe I'll organize Christmas presents so I know what I need to get. I ordered Kalli those cool Harry Potter pencils and they have already shipped them. It's starting to cool down here so I am in long sleeve shirts. We have snow on the tops of the mountains so Mother Nature is back on schedule.
Happy Thursday!!
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