April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Each Month we recognize an Outstanding Member in the Cookin' Up Creations Scrapbooking Community. Will you be next?
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April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by tammyfolk »

Cookin' Up Creations is pleased to announce that our "Chef of the Month" for April 2020 is our very own. . .

Sherri Priest (sherriscraps)

She is an Outstanding Member of the Cookin' up Creations community, and for that I wanted to showcase her this month!!

Sherri has been quite active within our small community and has been here off and on since day one. She has shared numerous creations with us in the gallery, participated in several contests and challenges, and rarely is there a month that goes by that she doesn't complete ALL of the challenges multiple times. . .

So this month I'd like to recognize her as Chef of the Month. . . .

Please help me Congratulate Sherri!



What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?

I like the process of creating a page and preserving memories for future generations.

How did you get started?

I decided to make a scrapbook for my nephew of all his pictures that we in my sister’s random drawers for a graduation present from high school that year. Then I made my Goddaughter one that same year as a graduation present.

Any advice for the new scrappers out there?

Don’t go crazy buying supplies. Before you know it, you have a whole room full and it will last you forever.

Describe your style, your scrapping place, and your favorite products.

I scrap very simply. I want the photos to stand out. I don’t like anything to thick or messy! I scrap at home but also go to friend’s house at times for retreats. I love brads and enamel dots and of course patterned paper.

What and/or Who inspires you? Do you find that it changes? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from sketches and challenges or just from the photos themselves.

What types of challenges do you find "challenge" you the most?

I love to do challenges that are simple, quick and easy. I am most challenged by long complicated challenges that require a ton of things to be done.

What do you do for a living?

I am a retired Certified Public Accountant and still do some tax returns.

Describe your perfect day.

All days are perfect because we woke up and God gave me another day! There are many perfect things to do during that day – taking a walk on a beach while traveling; hiking around a pretty lake with my dogs; volunteering with Volunteer Christian Builders and hanging sheetrock or whatever needs to be done; spending the day with my grandkids; kayaking or swimming or going for a run or exercising at the gym. I love it all.

What's your favorite indulgence? Snack?

Peanut M&M’s and Margaritas (not together)

What's one thing you would like to learn that is NOT scrapbook related?

I quilt but I would like to develop that skill further by learning to do curves or free motion quilting.

What's your favorite layout and why:

I don’t really have a favorite page. I have created so many layouts. It’s all about the photos so probably a page with my grandkids or children on it.

*stay tuned for a BONUS Challenge posted by our Chef of the Month on April 8th!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Tracy F »

Congratulations Sherri! It's nice to get to know you a little better!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by TerriB »

Congratulations. Sherri! Loved learning more about you!!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Tamara »

So good to learn more about you. Congratulations on your deserving Chef of the month!!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Jan Mosier »

Congratulations Sherri!!!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Lolis »

Congratulations Sherri!
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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by sherriscraps »

Thanks ladies. Love it here!

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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Patti »

Congrats, Sherri!

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Re: April 2020 Chef of the Month - Sherri Priest

Post by Petra Mutchler »

Congrats Sherri Priest
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