SQOTD 12 Nov 19

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SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by Tracey »

I have always wanted to attend a scrapbook retreat but never manage to get to one.

I just saw a scrapbook retreat advertised on a cruise ship!! From Sydney to Honolulu!!! It also goes through the South Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Bora Bora. I can only dream about this right now.

If money wasn't an option would you go on your dream scrapping retreat and where would it be?

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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by Tamara »

Back in the day it would of been a cruise with Teresa Collins or something like that. She just got back from one. I will never make a cruise now because my concentrator would keep us awake the whole night in that small little cabin. DH isn't willing to risk keeping my batteries charged and stuff. So we don't even think of one. If you ever get to do one we'd love to see pics!!

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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by Tracy F »

I've never been on one but I think a cruise would be so much fun especially that Sydney to Honolulu one.

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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by tammyfolk »

Sounds like a pretty exciting thing to do, but I'm not sure I'd be able to handle the sea sickness. We've yet to find any remedy (other than NOT going) that helps me.
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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by sdwhru »

I'm not a mountain person, but I would like to go to a secluded mountain scrap retreat

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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by Jan Mosier »

Cruise, uh no. I too get motion sickness just cruising the lake on my dads pontoon boat. Mountains or beach......that I could do! Who wants to come sit with my dogs while I go on a scrap retreat? :lol:
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Re: SQOTD 12 Nov 19

Post by Krystle »

I have never been on a scrapbooking retreat, but since Australia, New Zealand, and Bora Bora are on my bucket list, and I love Hawaii, that cruise sounds phenomenal! Not that I have the time or money to go off on such an extravagant cruise, but that would be the dream!

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