National Moon Day

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National Moon Day

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We are over the moon today!
July 20 every year is celebrated as National Moon Day, marking the historic lunar landing of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first men to step on Earth's natural satellite.
From being the muse of millions of selenophiles to determining the date and time of a festival, this mystical planetoid is a source of many important things.
History: The day celebrates the accomplishment of Apollo 11
In 1969, eight years after former US President John F. Kennedy's announcement to send a man to the moon, history was made when Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin successfully landed on the lunar surface.
When Armstrong took the first step on the powdery surface, he said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The world watched him live!
Significance: It has opened new possibilities to explore the moon
This day doesn't only celebrate the accomplishment of the grand Apollo 11 mission but also the forthcoming possibilities it opened for mankind to explore the lunar surface.
Post this historic event, many countries ran multiple missions to study the celestial body.
While the US completed 32 missions, India has achieved one and is currently in progress to land Chandrayaan-3 to mark its second.
Facts: Did you know the moon also experiences quakes?

It's time for some fact check! Did you know that the moon also has its fair share of quakes? Well, yes, they are called moonquakes.
Moonquakes are caused due to gravitational influence of the Earth and can last up to half an hour!
Additionally, every year the moon drifts 3.8 cm away from our planet and causes tides in our oceans and seas.
Weird objects that mankind has left on the lunar surface
There are a host of strange things that humans have left on the moon and no, we are not talking about spacecraft ruins, probes, and rockets.
A whopping 96 bags of urine and feces have been found on the lunar surface, in addition to 12 pairs of space boots!
Two 1970s-era golf balls are also there and so is a falcon feather.
Chandrayaan-3: India's second soft-land attempt to the moon's south pole
Chandrayaan-3 took off on July 14, and if everything goes as planned, it is all set to make a soft landing on the moon's south pole by August 23-24.
If achieved, India will become the fourth nation to accomplish a soft landing on the lunar surface and the first to explore this region.
Currently, Chandrayaan-3 has completed the third orbit-raising maneuver.

Do you love looking at cool pictures of the moon?
Have you ever looked at it through a telescope?
Have you ever seen the color change when fires are in the area?
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