Thursday 9/29

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Re: Thursday 9/29

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tammyfolk wrote: Thu Sep 29, 2022 8:39 pm Lots going on here in my life the past day or so, so I managed to take a mental health day for me. Actually there were no providers in the office today and my boss offered it to me as I've been opening and closing (even with short staff), so she gave me dibs. . . I managed to get a doctors appt, had lunch with a coworker, had lab work done, cleaned and organized some things at home, and even took G and Hannah to the pumpkin patch. Pretty productive day if you ask me . . .the crappy part is I have to redo my labs - my B6 was supposed to be light protected or something like that and I have to redo it tomorrow. . . good thing the lab is in the hospital that I work in. Apparently, I'm a medical mystery once again . . . as you all know about the issue with my legs, it has now brought on tingling in the toes pretty bad every time I elevate my feet. I'm not a diabetic and my normal labs are fine. . . she ordered labs today (as she's hoping it's just a vitamin deficiency) and one for my thyroid. If these come back normal, then it's a referral to neurology. Plus my blood pressure was pretty high so I have to monitor it for 2 weeks and then go back for a nurse visit. :shock:
prayers that all will be better. take care

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