Tuesday - 3/31/2020

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Tuesday - 3/31/2020

Post by tammyfolk »

Good morning ladies -

What does your day entail for you?? For me, work and home. I've found that I'm getting used to that. Not really missing shopping or anything, at least not yet. I have you guys while I'm at home and my co-workers at work, so I'm not really missing out "on the social" aspect of things. . .

My scrap table is coming along nicely. I'm finally finding a home for so many things that I just didn't know what to do with, and am taking some older kits apart. I watched a video by Victoria Marie the other night on how she manages her die cuts in a notebook and such, and I've slowly been trying to incorporate that. It used to work a long time ago for me with my "old school" die cuts and paper piecings. Any one else use this method?

Have a great day ladies!! Scrap for me!
Tammy Folk

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Re: Tuesday - 3/31/2020

Post by Jan Mosier »

It's another day at home for me. I may look for a quick easy face mask pattern on Pinterest and see if I can make a simple face mask or I may work on next Monday's challenge. We'll see how the day goes.
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Re: Tuesday - 3/31/2020

Post by Tracy F »

Went for my early walk this morning and noticed that there aren't as many people out anymore.
Yesterday I spent all afternoon organizing my dies and made a pretty good dent in them. I ran out of the magnetic boards I use so I need to make some more and I really don't like doing that. I didn't realize how many dies I actually have and I just remembered I have a bunch more in an old Artbin die storage container that I need to incorporate into my new die storage system. I'm hoping I can finish up today if I don't run out of supplies.

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Re: Tuesday - 3/31/2020

Post by Tamara »

We have sunshine today!! I heard this morning that our local bakery had flour, sugar and yeast in a tent in their parking lot this morning first come first serve. I hesitated but then decide to go. I just needed yeast because when our fridge went out a couple weeks ago I threw what I had away since I hadn't used it in a long time. DH was on a conference call in is office so I sent him a text not to be mad at me but I was running over there. LOL He text me back as I pulled in the driveway. :lol: :lol: :lol: They also bake 200 loaves of bread a day and give two loaves to each person for free. one to keep and one to give away. My niece was in line to get flour and I wasn't sure if she would get any bread because it was getting low so I gave her a loaf. Double score! Yeast and bread. haha Our bakery has been doing this everyday since quarantine 2 weeks ago and will do it every day as long as they can. It is their gift to the community.
Well I am making granny goose popcorn today . one batch of blue and one batch of green for my earth day treat to the activity day girls. We decided that since we are in quarantine and haven't seen them for the month of March that we would do an activity in a bag for them. The popcorn is their treat and the activity is talking about the world reduce, reuse, recycle, renew.
I'll try to scrap something today !
Happy Tuesday!

Tammy I haven't use that die cut system but it sounds like a good one


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Re: Tuesday - 3/31/2020

Post by sdwhru »

I keep my dies in some sleeves (all separate in there own sleeve). Another day from home. It is weird to be home during the day. We had BET sandwiches for supper. That would be bacon, egg and tomato. LOL now watching H50 with the hubby. Trying to get caught up before they show the last episode. Tomorrow get our new AC. Ready for it to be over as I'm sure the dogs will be barking lots

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