Wednesday - 3/18/2020

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Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by tammyfolk »

Good Morning ladies -

What's on your agenda today? Lot of "Social Distancing" happening where you are? It's work for me today. . . it's my late night and no texts so far from my co-workers so I'm not really sure what I'll be walking into at work today. . .

Survivor and some scrap room time for me tonight! Make sure you get your "birthday bash cybercrop" creations uploaded today, as I'll start counting them tonight!

Have a great day everyone!
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Re: Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by Tamara »

I can tell you what I wasn't expecting to do today. Woke up to the whole house rattling like thunder from underneath. 5.7 earthquake hit our valley. So far we've had 28 aftershocks. I haven't felt them all but one aftershock was 4.4. I'm just hoping our electricity does not go out because my oxygen is run electrically. And DH did not get out the generator before he went to work this morning.if I can get to the trunk of the car I have a spare tank for 4 hours till he gets home. The airport is closed it took the most damage. I don't dare go downstairs to scrapbook because I don't want to be stuck in the basement so I'm upstairs crocheting on the couch watching the TV that has been nonstop earthquake info since 7:00 this morning. They are telling people to stay home and not travel if they don't have to. I have been quarantined for over a week now but I did plan on running out to the post office to get a few things mailed. Guess it will have to wait.
Happy Wednesday!


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Re: Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by Jan Mosier »

Wow, Tamara.....stay safe.

Thankfully, it's a stay at home day for me. I have pig ears dehydrating for Dutch and some bacon and cheese treats in the oven for my crew. My table top is still cluttered with scrap stuff. I'm hoping to work on a layout today, but we'll see how that goes.
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Re: Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by Tracy F »

Stay safe Tamara!

Another quiet day at home. Have laundry going and will probably end up in my scraproom today.

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Re: Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by sdwhru »

Glad you are okay Tamara. We put a sign on our office door about no handshakes and if you think you have been exposed don’t even come in. Heat and air guy should be here tomorrow to check out the unit. We’ve had a leak for awhile. DH said his company may fly him home next week and I like just rent a car. I don’t really like the thought of him flying and going though the airport

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Re: Wednesday - 3/18/2020

Post by sherriscraps »

Can't believe ya'll had a earthquake. that's a pretty big one too.

I went to grocery store for myself and got a ton of stuff for my dad. he's not going out. he is 89. I went over because he needed groceries and I made him some dinner, Then I went to my mom's nursing home and was able to see her through her window and wave and blow kisses. This is alll so weird. Texas governor just said all restaurants had to close up their dining rooms and can do drive thru only. It's all such a mess. Just trying to get thru it like everyone else. I am retired at least. Then I went and rode my bike 9 miles. I have to get my exercise or I would go crazy even more.

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