Saturday, December 7th

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Jan Mosier
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Saturday, December 7th

Post by Jan Mosier »

Good morning ladies! What's on your plate for today?

My mother is coming up and we are going to the open house at the antique store, lunch afterwards and hopefully, some retail therapy. I need to pick up a large suction cup so I can hang my wreath on my glass door. ;)
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Re: Saturday, December 7th

Post by tammyfolk »

Good morning ladies . . .

Plans for today include going to pick my car up from the garage (oil change, etc) and then the local township parade. It'll be nice to go this year with Everly and Garrett. Every year we usually go as it lasts about 15 minutes tops, and Garrett would march in it. This is the first year that we'll be going (Everly is usually here) that he can watch, and share the experience with Everly. . .then later tonight we're going to take her to see some of the local Christmas lights . . .sadly, they're leaving on Monday.

I'm hoping to get the November BPS winner announced this weekend. . .I finished all the counting last night before bed! 92 challenges were completed last month! That's impressive!!
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Re: Saturday, December 7th

Post by Tamara »

Jan that sounds like a great day with Mom!! Have fun.
Tammy enjoy the parade and the lights. Catching the sparkle in the little ones eyes is my favorite! Also WOWZERS to everyone here on the challenges!!

Our day is never dull. WE have DH work party tonight that he hates. He won't even let me wear an ugly sweater let alone himself. So I bought a new red blouse that I will have to match to one of my skirts. He told me not to wear pants too because I am constantly pulling them up while walking so they don't fall down. :lol: :lol: :lol: Seriously it is the way my body is shaped. I found out my sister has the same problem. I have tried everything even a belt. IT's crazy!!!
Then we just found out this week that my daughter and grandson our getting their red belt in Karate this afternoon. Can't miss that. It has been a year since they got their high brown belt. we also have to get groceries. I am out of everything and my fridge is bare. I really should clean it out while it is this empty :o
My granddaughter thinks that we owe her a lunch because she found a coupon we put in the kids Easter baskets two years ago so we may take her to lunch and then go to the Karate thing. The funny thing is that I know we already took her as well as the other kids. We did a one on one but she cleaned her room and found the coupon so she has been after us. Such a cutie! How do you turn down that.

Happy Saturday!!

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Tracy F
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Re: Saturday, December 7th

Post by Tracy F »

Jan, retail therapy is always good!
Tammy, enjoy the parade and the lights with the little one! I miss that!
Tamara, you can't turn down the grandkids, that's for sure! Enjoy your busy day!

I was up early for a brutal exercise class. She wasn't kidding when she said Dec. would be tough on us. She says we can eat more cookies after her class. lol
We never got around to finishing up the outside decorations yesterday so guess we'll do that today and I want to spend some time in my scraproom.

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Re: Saturday, December 7th

Post by Tracey »

Today I want to stay home to rest and recover. So do nothing. But Adrian doesn't like doing nothing for long, so we will end up somewhere no doubt.

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Re: Saturday, December 7th

Post by Krystle »

I’m at target now and will head out to a work party soon

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