Monday - 11/18/19

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Monday - 11/18/19

Post by tammyfolk »

Another Monday, and another work week upon us . . .

Working until today, and then a quick stop at the grocery store for some items for out work "pot luck" tomorrow as we have four providers retiring (therapists) at the end of the month. . . and since you all know that I don't like to cook, well then, I get to buy things. . .

I finally finished my layout last night. It took a whole week, but I'm finally finished, title and journaling complete. Not quite was I had imagined, but I ok with that.

No plans for this evening other than watching TWD - Shawn fell asleep last night so I wound up watching a spoiler (should not have) and now all I want to do is watch it . . .

Anyone scrapping today?
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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Patti »

I'm home! Tired but ready to start scrapping!


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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Jan Mosier »

Welcome back Patti!
Yes, Tammy I am scrapping today. I'm putting the final touches on the fall lift and will start my Wednesday challenge today as well.

It's raining again today, suppose to clear up by this afternoon but it will remain cloudy. Boarders are here for another week, which makes scrapping a little difficult.......too many stops and starts but I'm feeling determined. Not much else on the agenda.
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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Krystle »

It's a regular Monday for me. I am going to have to start planning for Thanksgiving guests, so I don't expect to get any crafting done this week.

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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Tamara »

I'm catching up on the computer right now, then I have sewing orders to organize and cut out. And hopefully sneaking some scrapping in there. I already cleaned toilets so I just have sinks and counters to do. A few phone calls to make and the week is off to a great start. Still have no info on my grandsons birthday tomorrow. Why do I always have to call them, they should be passing the info to me without me asking. I text him last night and asked what his birthday plans are and he said "don't now. ask my mom" LOL
Happy Monday!

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Tracy F
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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Tracy F »

I was out early for my WW meeting and then stopped at Kohls. I had $35 in Kohls cash to spend and couldn't find anything to buy. I finally ended up with 2 Christmas tea towels and 2 workout tank tops. Sure wish they carried scrappy supplies! Then had a meeting to go to and just now getting caught up online. Might head to my scrappy room shortly.

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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by Tracey »

No scrapping, lots of work. In fact this is going to be a huge work week, more deadlines due and getting prepared to review and assess the training documents for the first crews traoning for the new ship.
Going to be interesting.

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Re: Monday - 11/18/19

Post by sdwhru »

A long day at work for me. Got to work and found out have a CPE class the next two days from 11 am to 7 pm. So a long day at work. My co-worker and I managed to get some shopping done for the child the office does :lol:. I need to make my Thanksgiving list of groceries.

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