Saturday - 11/9/19

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Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by tammyfolk »

Good morning everyone . . .

Hershey bound for Garrett and I today. He's super excited as this is the final competition of the Marching Band Season, and the band has another opportunity to come in first again. He's happy because for once, he can sit in the stands and watch all of the other bands perform, and not have to practice and perform himself. We're riding with one of my friends (whose daughter is a senior this year), so we don't have to make the 2 hour drive ourselves. . . sounds like a win win to me! We might even walk across the parking lot and hit Chocolate World while we're there. . .

No other plans for me, as I'm going to be gone all day, and will be pooped when I get home!

Have a great day, and if anyone is scrapping, please scrap for me too!
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Re: Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by Jan Mosier »

Have fun in Hershey, Tammy.

It's a bit chilly here this morning......30 outside, 63 inside. Still no heat. Tech sent one of his employees out yesterday but he was a no show. I'm hoping someone shows up today. The dogs have been out, fed, out again and most are curled up sleeping. I have a couple of stragglers out in the dog run. I have to run up to the antique store today with my mom today and that's pretty much it. Hoping (fingers crossed) to scrap over the weekend.
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Re: Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by Tamara »

Yes Tammy get over to Hershey World!! That is one place that I went to 20 years ago. So glad Garrett is planning on enjoying the bands from the stands! It may seem a little weird for him but at least he is still interested.
Jan Hoping your heater man gets his hinny over there pronto!!! Have fun antiquing with your mom.

Got up this morning and fixed hubby grapefruit, oatmeal with blueberries and raspberries and toast. You can tell I made a run to sprouts. I was so out of everything. Now my fridge is jam paced with fruits and vegetables. I bought it all! :lol:

I am headed to another JoAnns this morning for yes more fabric. I posted my runner I made me for Thanksgiving and got 5 orders. DH took me back last night and they were already sold out of the golden pine cone fabric. So I had to come home, check my receipt and get the sku # an the other store has 5 yds. I don't even need three but I will probably buy it all in case more people speak up. I have a crazy sales life and have to take advantage when people are interested. Then I need to head to subway to buy sandwiches for Sisters craft day at 11:00. Then home the rest of the afternoon and evening. We will probably go to the theatre room tonight.
Happy Saturday!

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Re: Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by Tracy F »

I was up early for an exercise class and it was cool out, even needed a jacket. Have laundry going now and planning on scrapping unless dh has other plans for us.

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Re: Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by sdwhru »

Getting a late start scrapping for me; trying to do new exercises with Cocoa; spend time with DH before he goes back to work for the week. Friday was just hectic with work and taking Cocoa to the vet to be evaluated. The vet did say she is doing really good tho. Still has some swelling and heat right in the middle of her incision. So going to do some acupuncture on that. Working on all of the laundry that needs to get done before church tomorrow since DH hits the road in the afternoon. I hope everyone is having a good night.

Jan, I would almost be tempted to find a new repair guy after he was a no show :evil:

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Re: Saturday - 11/9/19

Post by Tracey »

Running around after my oldest daughter today. She has skills grading for Dance. We thought wr had our weekends back as Dance finished ladt week... didn't know that skills wss on the weekend.
I have to pick up a new Aupair this afternoon, our current one is home sick and it is too hard for her to be around a family that is not her family, so she is going travelling instead. The joys of working full time and needing someone to help out.

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