Thursday - 11/7/19

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Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by tammyfolk »

Good morning peeps!

So what's on everyones agenda today?? I'm of course getting ready to head out to work (until the last patient leaves at 5 - working in the psychiatry dept today) and then home to relax. I struggled to get out of bed this morning. Of course it was well after midnight before I headed that way, but I'm still tired. We're still struggling with the bed. We're giving it one more week and if we still can't figure out a comfortable position for each of us, then it's going back!

Anyone scrapping today??
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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Tamara »

Good Morning!
I think I am going to sew today. I have a couple of custom orders to finish. I finished my challenge for next week last night. This is turning out to be a very fun theme and making us dig into our archived stuff. :) I do need to take more time to clean up my area but that will come, right? Our landscapers are doing their final mow and cleaning up the dead leaves. We have escaped snow on the ground for a good long time. It's an amazing fall this year. Trying to organize my sewing area in the laundry room as well. Making a few more table runners too.
Happy Thursday!!

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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Krystle »

A lot of work and travel planning for me today.

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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Tracy F »

Not sure I'll get to scrap today. I was up early for my morning walk and it's taking longer to finish now that the time changed. There are more people out walking their dogs now so you have to stop and chat and pet the dogs. Some of the people I haven't seen in months so it's nice to catch up.
Today, dh and I are heading out with a ton of errands to do.

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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Tracey »

Work, work, work.
Refereed an argument between my husband and the 9 year old.... mot sure who is the kid at times!
I got a DT kit for an Australian company I create for, so I ripped into that. 😁 Printed off photos to suit the products in the kit.

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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Patti »

I'm trying to get packed for do I make the suitcases lighter!!! :lol: No scrapping for the next couple of weeks for me but when I get home I'm hitting all of the challenges I've missed. Looking forward to using up some older lines.


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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by Jan Mosier »

Have a safe trip Patti!

It's been another one of those days where I have gotten nothing done but take care of the dogs. I did however manage to sweep the floors, clean the litter box and wash some dishes. The ac tech was out again today and still no heat, but he thinks he has it figured out now and is suppose to be back tomorrow. Let's hope he's right this time, as it's suppose to drop below freezing tomorrow night and down to 20 next Tuesday night.
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Re: Thursday - 11/7/19

Post by sdwhru »

Safe travels, Patti. Jan, hopefully you will get your heater fixed tomorrow. Another crazy day at work. Cocoa got sick yesterday while I was at work so last night was occupied with that. Work has been too busy the last two days to do anything but keep the head down. I did go get my reusable cup from Starbucks this morning so was super late to work as the line was insane :lol: It has been so cold here today when I got home I stuck the shirt on the dog. That old thing if mom is cold, put on a sweater? LOL

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