SUNDAY 9.15.19

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SUNDAY 9.15.19

Post by Tamara »


What's on your plate today? I got a free pass from church. I felt queezy all day yesterday. We went to the musical Addams Family. I only made it through the first half then threw up as soon as we got home. I took the maximum dosage of Lomotil too. I should of let my DH take my daughter or granddaughter but it was me that really wanted to see this one. DH says go figure, something always happens to me when we try to go somewhere. :lol: I still have to get sewing done for my daughter before we leave. I really hate this crap. I made some really good homemade chicken noodle soup and tonight we are suppose to have salmon. It's so weird because I feel like eating.
Hope your day is better than mine!
Happy Sunday!


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Re: SUNDAY 9.15.19

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Oh my Tamara - hope you're feeling better.

We've been hanging out all day. Went to lunch earlier in the day, and then Shawn left about 1:30 for West Virignia again. He's hoping to be home late tomorrow night, but most likely it'll be Tuesday sometime. Garrett wanted to watch a movie on Netflix (which is rare, so I obliged) and now I'm playing catch up here. . .

Nothing really productive today other than finishing up the laundry and some ironing. Garrett is currently working on another paper due next Friday and I just ordered Marco's Pizza for him and I for dinner.
Tammy Folk there really anything else?

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