Saturday - 9/14/19

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Saturday - 9/14/19

Post by tammyfolk »

Good Afternoon ladies -

Working on laundry and doing some household chores today. Waiting on G to get home from class. Apparently they went on a field trip approx an hour away to a monastery to meditate. I'm anxious to hear a bit more about his day when he gets home as this never really seemed to be Gs thing before but he seems to be embracing it!

We still plan on heading to the Balloonfest this afternoon, but it's been raining off and on all day, and a bit chilly. It's also very overcast out today as well so I'm not sure if the balloons will fly or not. . .

Either way, I plan on spending the day in my scraproom. I even left the Ipad upstairs :mrgreen:
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Re: Saturday - 9/14/19

Post by Jan Mosier »

It's been a busy day with the dogs. It's beautiful here today and all they want to do is run in and out. They are intrigued with the squirrels in the pecan tree. The owner asked if I could keep them until next Saturday and of course I said yes. It knocks me out market again next weekend but I make more keeping the dogs. ;)
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