It's Friday - 8/30/19

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It's Friday - 8/30/19

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Good evening ladies -

I've been up since 3:30 am this morning (had to get G up to go volunteer at the food bank with Lyco) and have been going non stop ever since. Household chores before work (house guest this weekend), work until four, and then to get home and find that we have company over. . . they recently just left, and Shawn has already made his way upstairs. I still need to scoop some kitty poop, and feed them some wet cat food before going upstairs. My Echo Park box arrived today, but I'm too tired to even open it. Maybe tomorrow.

Got an email from Gs band director telling him that he had to go to the registars office to add band as a class before 4:30 pm today (as today was the last day to make any changes to your schedule). I got really excited as that would mean that he'd qualify for the $3000 scholorship to do band. And since I took out over $8000 in loans, it would really help. But G decided that he wanted to do band as a club, not as a class, and didn't want to have the committment. So major let down for me as you all know I'm THAT BAND MOM, and I'm convinced he's going to regret it. HE LOVES playing!! Oh well, maybe next semester. . .

Any whoooo for anyone that comes on tonight, hope you had a great day, and I'll check in in the morning. Good Night!
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