GOOD FRIDAY!! 4.19.19

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GOOD FRIDAY!! 4.19.19

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Happy Good Friday!!

DH has today off so we are going to the Tulip Festival and it is suppose to be in the 70's woohoo! Little Miss Kalli overheard me telling my sisters last night that we were going there and from the other end of the table she says, H-E-L-L-O you need someone to pose by the flowers! haha so I told her to text Grandpa and tell him that. within minutes he said, you can only come if you bring your cute face. She was worried that her mom took so long to text back if she could go with us because she was at work. So we get a spring break date with that cute girl. It's going to be so fun and lunch too. And yes lots of pretty photo ops.
I still have to finish the table Easter decorations so I should make that priority today, I still have the more pics to put in the scrapbook for Gregg. first things first.
Our sisters craft night was a little pricey but so much fun. I had to pay for three of us. so that was a big part of it but the Rhino Miss Kalli picked was $35.00 and then there is a fee to cover paints and firing. Still a fabulous night !
Hope you have a great day leading into the Easter weekend.
Happy Friday!


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