It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

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It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by tammyfolk »

Good morning ladies -

Getting ready to head off to work in just a few minutes but wanted to say good morning first. . .todays a 730 to 4 day, but the snow is getting ready to start any time now, and supposed to snow all day with another 3-5 inches of accumulation. I'm ok with the snow, but not the unplowed streets, so I'm hoping to get to work before it starts, and my snow boots are already in the car for when I get off work this afternoon . . .luckily G has virtual classes today, and will not have to drive today. He went and got his COVID swap again yesterday, and we're supposed to hear from the college today as to whether students can resume in person classes.

Today is G's 20th birthday, and I've convinced him to go out to dinner . . .his first choice is only open for take out so we're going with the other hibachi place in town, but I need to remember to call them and make sure they're open. I'm pretty sure they are though. If not, then it's Don Patrons for mexican . . .

What's everyone else have on their agenda for today?? Anyone scrapping?
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Deanna13 »

Good Morning Tammy and Everyone!! Stay safe out there in the snow, Tammy! We had DH's and youngest grandson's birthday here yesterday so it was a very full house!

It is raining here and we're supposed to be in for alittle warmer temps. Everything is melting and the yard is muddy where the grandkids have been sledding. They've been here this time because of all the ice storms and power outages in Huntington. Shared a few photos last week. Today they are supposed to go back home. Still not supposed to get their electric back on until tomorrow at 10pm, but the oldest grandson is having basketball practice today regardless that they have no school because of all the power outages in the area. But, the school has electric so they're having practice. Anyway, of course it's great to have them here but it sure does wear me down. Will be good to have alittle peace and quiet. LOL

I'll probably just get the house straightened up, vacuumed, bedding washed, etc. after they leave and probably no time to scrap today.

Have a good day, everyone!
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Wendy »

Good morning! Luckily, we did not get the 1-4 inches of snow that was predicted. I was dreading waking up to it this morning, Right now, everything is melting and streets are starting to flood.
I never accomplished anything yesterday. I walked past my desk a few times but just wasn't inspired to do anything. I lost all motivation. I'm going to try and go over my notes today and see if some ideas jump out at me.
My son has baseball practice (indoor, which he hates) tonight. It's from 6:30-8:00. Kinda smack dab in the middle of the evening. Maybe I can work on something knowing I have to go back out to get him later.
I tried to construct a menu for the week and wouldn't you know it, I'm missing ONE ingredient for every dish I came up with. I"m so tired of going to the grocery store!
Oh well, I hope everyone survives this crazy weather.

Have a great day!
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Jan Mosier »

Happy Birthday G!!!

Today is my sisters 57th birthday so I will be making a call here in a few minutes. No plans today that I know of. We're expecting another day of rain so I will probably stay inside where it's warm and dry and piddle in my scraproom.
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Tamara »

Hello all!
DH is off today but has non stop appointments. He jut left to see the surgeon and get his stitches out. He is hoping for a wrist splint instead of the wrap that can't get wet thing. On Friday he told me he had a sensitive tooth and he kept flossing saying that something was stuck in there. He finally had me look at it on Saturday. And all my dental experience came out. :lol: :lol: :lol: I got gloved up with my mirror and explorer and when I looked there was a tooth crown prepped and NO crown! I said how do you lose a crown and not know it. He had to have swallowed it in his sleep. he wears a face mask with his cpap and it is forceful air so that is all we can assume. I just called the dentist and they were able to get him in this morning, thank goodness because he also has to go to a different dr. for blood work and the sleep dr. this afternoon. Grateful he can work it all in because he can't miss work tomorrow. He is getting a few groceries at some point today and we are grilling hamburgers tonight. I also have an appt for my mammogram this afternoon. We are just doctored out! :mrgreen:
Hoping to scrap at least the challenge today. I should start laundry. DH cleaned, dusted, vacuumed and mopped yesterday so things look great.
Happy Birthday Garrett! Tammy be careful driving in the snow!
Wendy glad you didn't get the expected snow. Hope your menus work out. sometimes I leave something out of a recipe or substitute it
Jan Happy Birthday to your sister! Enjoy your phone visit!
Deanna I know how you feel. Its so good to see the kids but always a little cluttered. But sounds like they really need you guys right now.
Happy Monday!!
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by phillisw »

You gals are busy. StY safe, warm, and healthy. I am getting together with my uncle and his wife who live here in Florida. They are 2 hours away, but will drive to see us ;)
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Patti »

Good afternoon! Yesterday was a dog-filled day and was so happy to see my neighbors come home and get their dog. DH has said never again. I still have the little dog whose mama had surgery and doesn't know when she will be home. We could keep this little cutie. She looks kind of like a baby pig with a terrier head. I put her in her bed at night but somehow she manages to find her way to our bed every night and we find her in the morning curled up by our heads. :lol:
Today I am cleaning dog hair from everywhere. I also have to get the guest room ready for our guest who will be back on Wed.
Everyone have a wonderful day. Tammy, Tell G Happy Birthday. Where has the time gone?!
Hope all dr. appts., driving in the snow, work schedules, etc. go well today.
Happy Monday!

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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by Tracy F »

My.....everyone is certainly busy today! Stay safe all of you in the snow!

We were up at 5:30 so dh could go get his 2nd dose vaccine today. We had to wait but that was only because they didn't open til 8am. Once they started we were in and right out....hardly any line at all. We decided to go out to breakfast but our favorite place was closed so we tried a new place that was very good. Then we headed to Tuesday Morning since it was in the same shopping plaza. I was very disappointed in their scrappy aisle....there was hardly anything there! Then onto the grocery store and finally got home around 1pm. Just now getting caught up online. Maybe some scrapping this afternoon.
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Re: It's Monday, Monday - 2/22/2021

Post by GinniG »

Busy, busy! Happy birthday G!!! Hope you can start in person college again soon.

Take care everyone in the snow and ice and rain!

We were supposed to get 5 inches of snow and high winds. Instead we got LOTS of rain and then an inch of snow and no wind. I was glad because we needed to go to town today. Steve needed a prescription and an Amazon package had arrived plus we needed the groceries I didn't get last week. We left just before 12:30 and were back by 2:30 which is really unusual! Only made 3 stops this time. :) After we got home we spent awhile with my BFF and had some great conversation.

Leftovers were for dinner and our silly geese were "singing" along with Steve playing his harmonica on the front porch. :lol: I'll have to get some video next time it happens! :)

No scrappy time for me today. Hopefully tomorrow. :) Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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