Monday - 6/29/2020

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Re: Monday - 6/29/2020

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Another day working from home. I started feeling better Saturday evening and got some scrappy time in this weekend, which I love. I'm about to hit the scrap room now, and take a break from work. I work 5 hours a day, so I decided to start this morning at 6:30 and worked 3 hours, and I'll work another couple hours this afternoon once I'm done playing. I think I want to work on a mini album soon but it's been so long since I've done one, it kind of intimidates me.

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Re: Monday - 6/29/2020

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Hi everyone! I'm back from my trip to the "big" city of Ketchikan. Was a strange week. I got the virus test first and thankfully it was negative so I was then able to do the respiratory tests. Only thing they could see was that I'm not completely able to empty my lungs but it wasn't much below normal so they didn't consider it a problem. Mostly it's the coughing I start doing when I was trying to do the tests and it took me a lot longer to get through them as a result. Then later that afternoon the allergist's office called and said the doctor had cancelled her trip. The numbers in Ketchikan have slowly been going up and the doctor wasn't comfortable coming down where they didn't have the ability to be as safe. So I thought I'd be home early. But then I found out the ferry didn't run until Thursday! So I had to hang around for 2 extra days trying to stay safe and yet not having the ability to cook or anything where I was staying. My nephew is a total bachelor and is remodeling his house so he doesn't even have his stove hooked up yet. LOL! But it was very nice to have a place to stay by myself where I could come and go as I pleased since my BIL loaned me his car. I'd had the foresight to take some scrappy things with me because Riley doesn't have a TV or internet! So I'd downloaded a couple of shows which I watched multiple times over the few days. LOL! I managed a couple of trips to Walmart and a few to the grocery stores being quite careful. I was most happy to get back home to my safe cocoon in our little place on a different island! So far we've had 2 cases in April - both recovered - and one non-resident case a couple of weeks ago and no more positive results over here. But I'm going to continue being very careful.

Anyway, after I got home we ended up babysitting for my BFF's 6 YO granddaughter that she's raising for 2 different days so my BFF could go fishing. We got some really fresh king salmon in return! YUMMY! And fun with a sweet little girl too.

I also had a long phone conversation with the allergist. She has started me on a 10 day round of steroids and antibiotics in hopes that it will give my body an extra oomph to fight whatever's going on to see if the new regimen of meds will work better. I'm on the 3rd day and they're already kicking my you-know-what! Thankfully I'm feeling a little better today but it's hard to sleep on those steroids... I just keep looking at them and saying "One day closer to being done!" LOL!

Otherwise, our weather is trying hard to warm up at last. I came home to our foxglove flowers finally blooming! Thought they'd never bloom this year! So hopefully the cold will be gone after today. That would really be nice! And I have 4 new albums to put completed pages into so hopefully I can get all of my containers full emptied into albums this week! I need them badly for storage! :) And of course there's always the cleaning and laundry and scrappy challenges that I want to complete too. Doubt I'll get all the challenges done before the 1st though. Oh well. Some is better than none!

Hope you're all doing well! Missed being here!
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Re: Monday - 6/29/2020

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Just work for me, but I am home trying to backup my fonts and photos tonight and then to work on my photos. So semi scrappy item LOL while watching Roswell. DH made French Toast and scrambled eggs for supper - super yummy!

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Re: Monday - 6/29/2020

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Farm, hung with Mom, got a massage, reading with music.

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